Somijas PSN 10 Euro Dāvanu Karte | PIegāde uz e-pastu
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Somijas PSN 10 Euro Davanu Karte

Somijas PSN 10 Euro Davanu Karte

8,99 €
10,00 €
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Only works on an Finland PlayStation account

PlayStation Network Finland gift cards are a convenient way to add funds on your PSN account. By using a PSN gift card you do not have to give your credit card information to any third parties. The funds will be added to your account with a unique 12-digit code. You are able to use the PS credit to buy games, add-ons, music and movies from the PlayStation Store. These redeem codes can be used on a PS3, PS4, PS5 and PS Vita.

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Why should I use Playstation Network gift cards to make purchases?

Security- there is always a certain risk in entering your credit card details to a third-party page. By using a Playstation Network gift card, you do not need to enter your card details. You can simply add the credit on your account by entering a unique code.

Flexibility- you can use the credit you have added on your account whenever it is suitable for you. If you buy an item that costs less than the amount of credit you have on your account, the remaining credit can be used for future purchases.

Budget control- Using gift cards is a great way to keep your budget intact because you can limit the amount of money you want to spend. This way you will not be able to blow your budget without buying a new gift card.

Lai aktivizētu kodu, uzklikšķiniet datorā uz saites, ieejiet savā “PSN” kontā un izvēlieties Redeem codes, vai arī klikšķiniet uz tāda paša nosaukuma saites konsolē “PS3” vai “PS4”.

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