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  • pirms 6 min 3 sek
    Hannes iegādājās
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition (PC)
  • pirms 11 min 13 sek
    john iegādājās
    EU Steam 50 Euro Dāvanu Karte
  • pirms 19 min 8 sek
    Veroonika iegādājās
    USA Steam 100 Dolāru Dāvanu Karte
  • pirms 24 min 47 sek
    Kaivo iegādājās
    Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)
  • pirms 27 min 28 sek
    Kairi iegādājās
    Roblox Dāvanu Karte 10 EUR
  • pirms 32 min 28 sek
    Marko iegādājās
    Somijas PSN 30 Euro Dāvanu Karte
  • pirms 51 min 28 sek
    Maido iegādājās
    USA PSN 25 USD Dāvanu Karte
  • pirms 50 min 58 sek
    indrek iegādājās
    USA PSN 30 USD Dāvanu Karte
  • pirms 58 min 24 sek
    Sergei iegādājās
    UK PSN 20 GBP Dāvanu Karte


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We are open to all verified suppliers who sell video games, subscriptions, DLCs, gift cards, skins, office software, you name it. Punktid is all about speed and convenience, which is why we're the leading CD key dealer in the Baltics and still growing rapidly. We have over 1500 games in our list and we're expnding it daily.

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We encourage API integrations to automate the cooperation, and we're also currently developing our own wholesale platform, where you will have full access to manage your stock and prices as you wish. We can also help with listing your products manually


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